It can be difficult to do new things in the game, as it is complex. The flip side of the coin is that players may feel burned out by their reputations as killer midlaners, but they really want to try jungling and not be subject to the wrath of other players.

Signing up for a new League of Legends account is the next natural step. However, you will be starting at level 1. You may now be wondering, “How long does it take for League of Legends to reach level 30?”. We have the answer: check here.

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Why is it important to reach level 30 in league?

Anyone who has played League of Legends knows that level 30 is crucial to their experience. Your new account will be able to enter the realgame and compete on the ranked ladder at level 30. Your summoner spells and runes will become unlocked at level 30, allowing you to customize your champ according to your preferences. Your account’s MMR won’t be affected by your normal games until then.

You will need to go through the tutorial once again before you can start your first bot games. To reach level 30, it takes minimum 150 games and 37,000 experience points. This is a long time.

Normal games generally last around 30 minutes. When you add queue times, you might have to grind more to get to level 30, even if the fastest route to leveling is used. Although you can play bot games without thinking, you will get less XP. Although there are many ways to cut down on your grind, such as grouping with friends or buying XP boosters, it still takes a lot of time. You need to find a way to quickly get your runes so you can jump into ranking with a new champion.

It takes time to reach level 30 in League. This depends on the games you play. You can buy XP boosters and join a group to earn the 37,392 experience point. Normal games average 200 XP per round, so you will need to play around 200 games to reach level 30.


Bot games are, however, a completely different situation. Riot Games offers a system that allows low-level players to gain more experience in bot games than their high-level counterparts. Below are the tiers of experience:

Level 1-9: Bots grant 100 XP
Level 10-19: Bots grant 90% of XP.
Level 20-29 : Bots grant 80% of XP (65% after 120 minutes each day).
Level 30: Bots grant 75% of XP (5% after 180 minutes each night).
LoL: The Fastest Way to Level 30

You’re correct if you believe has to offer a better method to get to level 30 without having to grind. Riot Games generally doesn’t approve of this, but you can purchase an unranked account with smurfs that are already level 30. It’s the fastest way for League of Legends players to level 30, so there are many websites selling legit smurf accounts.

Riot Games has had bad experiences with some buyers who have had their accounts banned by Riot Games within days of receiving them. This is why it’s so important to be smart when buying a level 30 League of Legends Account.

Goose Smurfs takes extra precautions to ensure that we provide high-quality accounts for smurfs that are as close to bans as possible. Each account is hand-levelled so you have all the BE/RP you need as soon as it arrives. These accounts are protected by our proprietary methods so you can play without worrying about bans and scams.

Why should I buy an unranked Smurf account?

Now you may be asking yourself why you should open a smurf bank account. Trust us, it’s not only for those with high elo scores who want to pubstomp on the less privileged. There are many reasons to get one. We’ve listed the most popular here.

It’s hard to stay stuck

It can be exhausting to play League of Legends every day and fight the same players. It can feel like you are always at a deadlock and that you win as often as you lose. You’ll feel like your games are fresh and new again if you create a new account.

Riot Games’ MMR system could be confused by new accounts. Climbing will be easier without the huge amount of data that Riot Games collects after playing thousands of games. You can now enjoy the climb with no hassle by getting a League of Legends account at level 30.

Time is precious

It is far too time to grind a new account up to level 30. The time spent leveling an account can be cut down to a fraction of the time by purchasing a unranked, leveled account. Instead of spending your time playing braindead with the below level 30 crowd, you can focus on your homework and projects.

You Want to Play with Your Unranked Friends

It can be challenging to play with friends who are unfamiliar with League of Legends and MOBAs. It’s a complex game, so if your friend is attempting to join the queue on your main account, they will likely have trouble. Your newbie friends won’t have to play against Plat and Diamond players. Instead, join them at their level. You’ll be able to join your newbie friends at their level, even if they aren’t ready to move up to ranked.


Your main account was banned

Sometimes all it takes is one bad League of Legends game to make the world go round. It could have been more than one time. Riot may ban your account completely in such situations. Although it can be frustrating, this won’t stop your account from being blocked.

You can get back on top of the ladder by buying a new account from us. Accounts that have at least 20k BE balance are available so you can start playing Boots Of Swiftness.


Friends on Different Servers

Riot Games tends not to keep their player base separated by region. This is why many people think about switching to other regions to save time and avoid playing the hundreds of games required to be in the ranked queue. The price is the only thing that can stop you from doing this. The cost of a region switch costs 20 USD, but that’s only for one way. You can also choose to move your account back at a cost of 20USD.

Pre-leveled accounts are more popular than the official option because they’re cheaper. Although it doesn’t import your entire game history, it gives you all the information you need to build a new reputation as an active player on another server.

Do You Want to Try A New Role?

You’re still a career midlaner, but you might be interested in bot lane, where you can take towers with another player. You might get rebuked by other players if you try to enter a game with your main account in a different role, especially if they have never seen it. Because you’re not playing your best role, it can be stressful and frustrating to get ganked multiple times.

It can be very liberating to create a new account. You don’t have to modify your runes or refund champions. Instead, you can use all of your resources for your secondary role and not share it with your primary. Learn like a beginner with an unranked murf.

More cost-effective

It is cheaper to buy a pre-leveled, unranked smurf than other options. The cost of a regional switch is less than buying a new account but it costs more than purchasing a new free account. But when you consider the time savings by purchasing it, all things are fair. It doesn’t make video games any more difficult than they already are. Take the leap and see what has to offer. Either play a lot of games to get to level 30, or go the more efficient route.

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