Counter-Strike has struggled for years with the use of cheats and hacks, such as third-party software and game file manipulation. Cheats can be a huge advantage for players who use them. Although Valve’s Anti Cheat detects and bans cheaters occasionally, we all have a part to play in making the game a better place. We are expected to report any such incidents as they occur.

Nearly a year has passed since the famous CS: GO “forsaken” incident. We thought now was the best time to remind everyone in the CS: GO community that they need to be vigilant. Here are eight cheats and hacks you need to be aware of when playing Counter-Strike.

AFK Gaming is against hackers. This video is not intended to promote hacks or cheats. It is meant to alert you to cheating players so that you can report them and help make CS: GO a better experience for all.

We will start with the most popular and well-known cheat, the Wall Hack SmurfWrecker. Wall Hacks allow players to see through walls or other obstructions and enable them to track their opponents easily.

Aimbot assists players to aim better. It is similar to an ‘aim assistance’ when playing FPS games on a console. You can adjust its range and sensitivity to meet your individual needs.

This is very worrying because professional players have the advantage of being able to tweak these adjustments freely. If the hack manages to get around the anti-cheat system, it becomes almost impossible to detect.

The hack was modified further to create a ‘Trigger Bot’. This bot automatically fires when the user crosses his eyes at the opponent. This hack isn’t preferred because it is harder to detect, both by players and through the anti-cheat software.

Spinbot is an easily detected and annoying cheat in CS.GO. Spinbot allows players to spin in circles at a fast pace. This makes it difficult for the opposition to take a shot at the player.

This gives the user a 360-degree FOV and, when combined with an aimbot, can one-tap anyone instantly. The cheat is enabled on the client-side, but everything appears normal on the server-side. However, the character being controlled can spin like a Beyblade.

Mobility Hacks allow you to increase your movement speed, jump height, and jump distance, as well as faster weapon draw times for guns such as the AWP or AUG. This cheat allows you to adjust the buffs in many ways.

This cheat can be used in moderation, but it is difficult to detect. However, even a slight increase can give the user a small advantage. In Counter-Strike, that little difference could prove to be crucial. A slight increase in movement speed can allow the user to reach a location or site earlier to make it easier to kill. A decrease in weapon draw time allows for a faster flick shot with an ARWP.

You can further modify this hack to be able to walk through solid obstacles such as boxes and walls. This is known as “Ghosting”.

The 3D-Box Hack adds a cuboidal shape to the opponent’s character model. This makes them stand out from others when trying to spot them from afar or in tight corners.

Although this hack is relatively simple compared to others, it’s a useful tool that beginners can use to practice and improve their skills. However, you should only use it on a practice server.

The user is effectively in full removal mode, meaning that they are going to god mode on the opponent. None of the debuffs such as smoke, flash, or bullet spray have any effect on them. This hack does not improve your mechanical skills, so the only problem is that you must be skilled enough to use it to your advantage.

This hack’s most amazing feature is its inability to smoke or get flashed. You can use the hack to simply do back-to-back flashes, and then retake the game against your opponent. His team can also smoke the entire bomb site for an easy defuse. There are many options.

Player Warnings is essentially a hack that acts as an alert system and warns the user about upcoming threats. These warnings, given how important sound cues in CS:GO are, can be more distracting than an advantage for their users.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

ESP can be considered Wall Hack 2.0. This cheat allows players to see the utility and weaponry of the opposition as well as their health and position on the map.

This type of information can be crucial in the hands of a seasoned IGL. The skills of players at higher levels of play are often equal. Information and knowledge are the key factors that will determine who wins.

We have now finished our list of hacks and cheats in CSGO. But there’s another problem.

It is important to voice concern about a major problem that has affected the CSGO LAN tournaments. This is technically not software, a bug, or even a hack. But it’s the crowd, at least a portion of it. It’s disappointing and goes against the spirit of how esports enthusiasts should behave.

To reveal a player’s position, they use various methods such as group chanting and holding up posters and placards. These cards often contain valuable information about the site that a team will attack. Even though the players may not be aware of such activities due to their noise-cancelling headphones and their faces being buried in their monitors, it is still an awful thing for the fans and poisons the spirit.

This was evident at the ESL One: New York semifinal match between Liquid & Astralis. Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen used Twitter to express his disappointment with the crowd, claiming he had expected better.

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