TikTok has done a lot for the world (yes, please get back in your seat, I’m serious). Ready? TikTok can help men embrace their emotions.

Yes, we understand that eboys (an evolution of emo boys) are not the traditional stoic male profile that has dominated society for centuries. It’s 2020. Time to accept the world around you or perhaps even a little inspiration. (“E”) stands for “inspiration” Eboys are young men, most often seen on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Imagine an edgy, cigarette-smoking, and hair-dyed skater boy wearing a striped full-sleeve shirt layered underneath a loose shirt. Overloaded chains and chinos hanging above the neck or belts – getting the drift?

The eboy look draws inspiration from many subcultures and aesthetics. Before we get into the details of dressing up, let’s take a moment to enjoy the vibrant colors of dressing up like an eboy, and discover the inspiration and origins of this style.

Eboy Aesthetic is the origin of – a baby of the Internet

This style is the new baby of the internet, as the ‘E’ in best eboy outfits shop perfectly explains. It has many nuances from many subcultures, but it wasn’t recognized by the fancy malls or music-changing artists. In the late 2010s, the revolution in this type of clothing was largely started by girls, the female counterpart. In the beginning years, platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram were crucial. The future of the eboys/egirls community was changed by the advent of TikTok. 2019 was a year of rapid growth for the aesthetic.

You can see that much goes into this style by looking from top to bottom. The loose layering over the striped tees was a result of the 2000’s skater fashion. The gothic and punk music colors are the inspirations for the color choices. The soft-boy aesthetic is reflected in the vans and t-shirts.

Hairstyles were adapted from Kpop culture. The trend of coloring your hair is a major component, and the neon-colored hairstyles are reminiscent of K-pop.

Let’s get to the core of the matter. Comfortable layers are essential. Your choice of clothes should not be too loose. The style is somewhere in between casual and elegant, depending on how you like to tweak the elements.

Hairstyles – Styles for your face and preference

Remember that the goal is to be true to yourself. It starts at the top. While coloring can have a greater impact on your style, it is not necessary. Your hair texture and pattern should be the focus.

If you have curly hair or wavy hair let it out. The waves will create a messy, fine look. If you have curly hair, let the curls out and allow the waves to create a soft, welcoming look.

This style suits artists and people who create online content best. It’s just a personal opinion. If you do want to color your hair, choose colors such as neon green, pink, or blue and let your hair grow medium long. double-dyed hairstyle is another fun option. I think a mix of bleach and black would look great.

Clothing: Layers and loose

Two things are essential for comfort: layering and wearing loose clothes.

Upper Body

You have a wide range of options when it comes to clothing. It’s possible to wear one color or all of the patterns, as long as it’s done correctly. One of the most popular is layering an oversized, solid-colored T-shirt on top of a long-sleeve tee underneath. A single layer of vertically-striped shirts could be worn with slim-fit trousers. Your appearance will be chicer if you tuck the shirt in.


Bottom wear comes in a wide variety of styles. The style of your top will determine the type of denim you choose. There are many options, including distressed denim, pants, plaids, and joggers. You can also try cuffed chino trousers.

Accessories: Rains of Chains

It’s just as important to use accessories correctly as clothes. Most styles will work with a pair of chokers. If you don’t like the look, you can add chains to your belt or on your hands. Many eboys enjoy painting their nails. My advice is to keep things simple and use black nail polish. You might also like jewelry, piercings, and cute beanies. But, it is possible to make your style with less-popular accessories.


Your shoe collection is the most important thing about being an eboy.

This style has been dominated by the Vans sneaker. The style you choose will depend on whether you want to wear them casually or neatly. Converse and Vans are the best choices for casual wear. If you want to be more formal, don’t forget Dr. Martens and chunky oxfords that make a lot of noise as soon as you enter the room.


In Conclusion

An eboy style combines older skater fashion with the classics of k-pop, grunge, and soft-boy aesthetics to create modern fashion trends.

You can also get ideas from the girl aesthetic (both of these are very similar).

Take a deep breath, channel your edgy spirit and grab your phone. Don’t be afraid of shedding a tear or biting your lips while you watch the TikTok video.

Exotic stands for “E”.

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