When it comes to bridal hair style it isn’t just about setting up your tresses in an extravagant hairdo and embellishing it with bridal hair flowers. These days, the hairstyle of the bride will speak about her personality as well as resonate with her character.

For example, a sleek and tight bun shows class and elegance while open wavy and loose hairdos represent a fun-loving and playful personality.

That being said, it is very important that you choose a hairstyle that will match the mood of the event and scream your styles. However, with lots of options available out there, choosing the best one can be very overwhelming.

So, if you can’t decide which hairstyle you should wear on your wedding day, don’t worry because we totally understand you. For this reason, we’ve come up with this article.

Check out these gorgeous bridal hairstyles for every hair length below.

For Short Hair

Despite the fact that short hair can be limited in terms of style choice, this hair length, however, can be transformed in various ways to make gorgeous hairdos. The secret is to incorporate a refined stylishness that will go beyond your usual every day look.

In the actual fact, short hair is very popular these days with the majority of brides-to-be opting to wear a lob (long bob) that has loose beach waves. If you’re thinking about this hairstyle and you have short hair, then make sure to mix things up for your big day by wearing it an updo, incorporating wrap-around tresses, and pinning back one side. But make sure your hairstylist will secure it firmly and properly to avoid any problem.

Here are some of the gorgeous hairstyles where you can choose from if you have short hair.

Wrap-around braids

If your wedding will be held outdoors then you need a hairstyle that can withstand strong winds or one that will stay out of your face. In this instance, a wrap-around braid is the best option.

This hairdo can add a bohemian and beautiful touch that will work in natural settings perfectly. Perfect for thinner hair, thick braids matched with casually tousled in waves is a gorgeous and easily achievable style.

Elegant updo

Just because your hair is short it does mean that you cannot wear an elegant updo on your special day. With the help of the right hair products, decorative clips, as well as bridal hair pins you will be able to achieve the hairdo you are dreaming of.

For brides with lob bobs and grown-out bobs who want to feel like a blushing and perfect girl, elegant updos can be the perfect option.

For Medium Hair

When it comes to trying various bridal looks, medium is perhaps that most versatile hair length. In fact, it is long enough to look charming once left out while being light-weight and easy enough to pin-up.

Opt for a hairstyle that will suit your wedding’s theme and most importantly, your personality. A half-up wavy hairstyle is best suited for modern and relaxed brides, while braided buns suit out-of-the-box and non-traditional brides, and a low bun is ideal for classic brides.

Nevertheless, here are the best bridal styles for medium hair.

Braided Bun

Are you looking for a super hairstyle that you can wear on your big day? If that is the case, then look no further than a braided bun. This style will transform traditional to non-traditional.

Whether you want a braid that will wrap around the side of the head and transform to a bun, a crown braid, or a braid that will weave a top knot, without a doubt, this style will surely get praises.

Relaxed Half-up

Do you have medium-length hair and want to wear a loose hairstyle on your big day? If so, then a relaxed half-up hairstyle should be included on your list.

Though medium-length hair may look flawlessly gorgeous when left out, it does not have the same effect as shorter and longer hair does.

The good thing is that you can some interests to your own style while keeping it simple by incorporating loose waves and wearing a little bun or half-up that has braids.

Low bun

A low bun is the perfect hairstyle for brides with medium hair who see themselves as a classically gorgeous bride.

This polished and elegant look will look good on straight and at the same time curly hair. In addition to that, it is a great option if you want to brag your wedding gown or special accessories.

For Long Hair

If you have luscious and long locks, you are lucky enough because there are lots of bridal hairstyles that will suit you.

Thought leaving your long hair down may appear casual at the beginning with a bit of hard work a loose hairdo may appear as elegant as other updos. Further, you can try loose braids or thick curls to incorporate the kind of appeal that naturally soft updos offer.

However, if you wish to tie your long hair back, then a half-up and half-down hairstyle can be a great option.

Given that your hair is heavier and thicker than short-length hair, it might be too for one bun. A pony or half-bun will relieve the weight while keeping your hair away from your face.

Loose Braid

Keep in mind that loose and long braids are not only celebrities and models going to Coachella. This modern and beautiful hairstyle is also ideal for weddings. Though it is not completely polished, it is completely sophisticated in its own way.

A loose braid is best for long and thinner hair as it makes volume from teasing and adds texture.

Thick curls

Wedding day is the perfect event to rock a feminine and classically beautiful hairdo. With this in mind, curls are the best look.

Though beach waves may be flawlessly charming nothing can beat the sophisticated look of bouncy and large curls.

Suitable for thick hair, such full curls will look amazing on long tresses. You can add a pin or clip to keep the style from overshadowing your face. By the way, if you want to wear this style its best that you don’t use bridal hair combs.

Half-up half-down

If you cannot decide between styling your hair updo or leaving it loose, then this one is for you. A half-up half-down hairstyle will offer you the best of both creations. It will add the length that inhales girlishness while keeping tresses away from your face in a manner that will add polished sophistication.

Hopefully, you liked all the bridal hairstyles we mentioned above.

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