Whether you’re tasked with digging holes for fence articles, a mailbox, or a back garden, shoveling debris can be a real inconvenience.

World augers make these jobs faster and much less very painful. They come in one particular-person or two-man designs, and also the bits can be transformed for many different careers.

The dimensions of the slots you have to look and the size of the task you’re concentrating on are going to select which sort of hole digger you require.

One-Man Earth Augers Have to dig a lot of small openings for any gardening or landscaping task? Your best bet is actually a one-guy planet auger. If you need small post hole digging then one-mans auger is totally okay.

Some great benefits of a single-guy world augers make sure they are exceptional choices for solo tasks:

More affordable Lighter weight Smaller engines

One-man earth augers typically weigh between 27 and 40 weight. If you’re operating alone on the relatively small to medium-size undertaking, these world augers provides you with just the volume of strength you need inside a device that’s less heavy and less large to carry.

Two-Person World Augers

Let’s imagine that you and a friend are creating a deck, and you need to dig slots for that weight-displaying content. The best instrument for you personally is really a two-guy world auger.

Two-man planet augers need two individuals to function, but their functions make sure they are the best equipment to use for significant digging:

Heavier excess weight Bigger and more powerful engines Grips and manages created for two-person use

Most two-man earth augers consider between 50 and 70 pounds. Whereas a single-guy augers have 35 to 50cc engines, two-man augers draw on the strength of 160cc engines and greater. This will make them the higher choice for hefty clay-based or rocky garden soil.

Auger Add-ons

Add-ons are created for all types of augers. It is possible to select smaller or bigger diameters for openings of numerous sizes, that will help you take on certain duties, such as tree potting or fence post digging.

Along with attachments and add-ons made for particular jobs, you will find extension shafts that will help you achieve deeper floor using the auger bits you already own.

The Auger Benefit

If you want to drill down a hole, it is possible to pick all sorts of tools to make use of, from shovels to post hole diggers.

Nonetheless, the strength of an world auger will help you drill down that hole faster with much less effort. In case you have multiple openings to look, you’ll finish that project a lot sooner than you would probably using a easy shovel.

If your outside task is looking overwhelming, don’t drill down yourself in to a hole. Dig your openings having an world auger as an alternative!

Handbook Post Hole Diggers: The pressure necessary to work them is created by your fingers. It is the most basic post hole digger, but very effective.

Handbook diggers are wonderful when you’re on a tight budget or when digging openings on gentle grounds where there’s little garden soil level of resistance.

Gas Post Hole Diggers: They have a gas engine, which creates the ability required to work the instrument.

Gas post hole diggers are definitely more effective than guide ones and definitely will make plenty of noise and create emissions that can damage environmental surroundings.

Electric powered Post Hole Diggers: These post hole diggers have electrical-operated motors. The origin of power may either be corded electrical energy or even a battery power.

They may be as effective as gasoline types but they are quieter and cleanser since they usually do not create any dangerous emissions.

2. Stage Distribute

The purpose spread of your post hole digger means the highest diameter in the tool’s blade include when expanded, and also the difficult diameter in the hole that it can dig.

From our overview, by far the most post hole diggers possess a point distribute in the range of 4-8 inches. Large level spreads make broader openings and vice versa.

Your selection of stage spread depends on the type of slots you need to drill down.

3. Materials

The material construction of the post hole digger is essential because it has an effect on the tool’s toughness and satisfaction.

The majority of the post hole diggers on the market have their own elements (blade and handle) made from metal. This material isstrong and durable, and can be produced corrosion-resistant by making use of a coating.

Some hole diggers have a wooden shaft or deal with, however are equally solid and reliable.

4. Depth Ability

Depth ability is short for how deep a hole your instrument can look. Because the main reason for these tools is digging post slots, then their depths are limited to about 4 toes.

Nevertheless, the majority of the diggers comfortably look to some level of 2.5 toes, that is enough forfencing and mailbox, tree growing, and dock posts.

5. Manage

Deal with design and style is a important top priority to take into consideration particularly as it offers a primary gripping surface when working your post hole digger.

For handbook is different, cushioned grips on the suggestion from the manages are very important to provide a comfy handling practical experience.

Gasoline and electric powered post hole diggers must have butterfly manages to offer the leverage and balance necessary for secure operation.

6. Basic safety

A post hole digger has several notable well-defined ends especially at the cutting blades, which are responsible for reducing from the earth.

Therefore, and security feature added on to your instrument is definitely delightful. Fuel and electrical post hole diggers come with basic safety fastens that avoid unintentional celebrity beginning of the resources, particularly provided their oversized well-defined auger pieces.

7. Portability

Some users wish a post hole digger than can transport inside the palms comfortably for projects that cover large grounds or are away from home.

The body weight of the digger is the greatest determinant of their mobility. Lightweight tools are easy to have over long distances.

Even fuel and electric post hole diggers can be easy to transports should they have removable motorheads.

8. Price range

From your testimonials, we discovered that both price range and premium post hole diggers carry out excellently in different working problems.

Price range post hole diggers are perfect for general and all-circular use, but on light-weight or gentle soil, and once the digging tasks are not extensive.

If the budget is not just a constraint, you can get a gas or electric powered digger, that is operated by an engine or electric motor for higher and faster efficiency.


We’ve carried out and substantial protection of post hole diggers as well as their many useful functions. You’ll all set to hit the store and grab one.

Remember to look for crucial features including the form of hole digger, materials development, level spread, degree capability, safety, and handling.

You could have a look at our top 10 post hole digger evaluations to assist you pick the design that best suits you best.

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