Laguna has established an enticing bundle in this particular recently minted 14-Twelve band saw. Its 13⁄4 hp motor unit and balanced, cast-iron flywheels drove the broad resawing blade by means of maple without bogging down under continuous supply tension. An individual 4″ dust harbor towards the bottom scenario held dust particles to an absolute minimal. Weighty supply won’t move the desk off its lean establishing, possibly, thanks to two oversize trunnions that provide firm foundation beneath. This horizontal band saw infrastructure appears made for heavy-responsibility.

Laguna outfits the 14- Twelve with earthenware blade instructions: four strips sandwich the blade at both information locations, as well as 2 pucks offer rear assistance. Their light weight aluminum housings slide along tracks from the manual mounting obstructs for simpler lateral change, and plastic-type knobs fasten them without equipment. 1 gripe: the bottom blade guide place is crowded.

Regardless of its area-launching table, blades continue to be quite controllable to setup, because of an oversized throat plate launching along with a hinged best blade defend. A brief launch flips up for blade tensioning, and you can check blade tracking and pressure by means of two viewing windows up top.

Laguna’s $99 job lighting (kept) shines dazzling light-weight on the total desk from earlier mentioned. Prevalent trunnions (proper) kind sound dinner table help beneath.

Laguna’s $99 job gentle (kept) shines bright light-weight across the entire kitchen table location from over. Extensive trunnions (correct) kind strong table support under.

I really like Laguna’s strong rip fencing as well as the 51⁄2″-large resaw going through for helping broad panels. The fence could be tweaked for parallelism and squareness if necessary, though mine was place-on through the factory. It offers no small-change provision like JET.

A “bare bones” 14-Twelve doesn’t range from the halogen task light-weight ($99) or wheel system ($149) shown on this page, but they’re worthwhile. Light delivers large brightness in the slicing place, and Laguna supplies a built in receptacle to connect it in. That’s valuable! Three of the-tire freedom method can make this saw pleasurable to roll about.

In general, the 14-Twelve is easy to put together, and it bests challenging cutting careers.

Number TWO

Side-by-side, it’s hard to not see some parallels between Oliver’s 4620 and Common International’s machine: Their table techniques, rip fencing, blade guide components and tensioning conditions are virtually carbon dioxide duplicates, together with the different that Oliver outfits the upper guides with one, as opposed to twice, bearings. Oliver’s framework is taller, way too, by several ins. This saw incorporates a total-dimension miter gauge, and that is a convenient, beneficial attribute. It provides no foot braking system. The slotted higher guard, modest throat plate hole and aspect-launching dinner table make blade altering finicky.

Offered their popular qualities, I expected the 4620 to perform just like General’s machine. But, once i pitted it against a slice of 12″-large maple, Oliver’s 11⁄2hp, 12-amp ranked motor appeared to battle to maintain the blade rotating. I reinforced off to only mild supply strain, and I surely could slowly resaw six pieces of veneer, however, if I employed supply tension consistent with the other saws’ resaw tests, the blade slowed down to your stall once again.

Two-dock dust collection (leading) maintained Oliver’s decrease flywheel inner compartment clean. A package-fashion, welded back (underside) adds added firmness to the steel saw picture frames to withstand high stress from resaw rotor blades.

Twin-slot dirt series (best) stored Oliver’s decrease flywheel inner compartment clean. A box-style, welded backbone (underside) adds extra tightness to the steel saw picture frames to withstand great tension from resaw cutting blades.

Evaluation with Oliver’s specialized department helped me detect the situation: one of the lower travel belts that tensions the flywheel pulley was overly free in the manufacturer. It’s not an modification you’d plan to make over a new saw, and yes it wasn’t inordinately loosened, but including much more tension set the glitch. Powered back up, the saw could resaw with a feed amount regular with the others, aiding Oliver finish off my cutting checks with an excellent showing right here.

Number ONE

Several years ago, RIKON’s 10-325 earned our “Best Bet” honors among a small grouping of 14″, largely cast-iron framed band saws. Now, after evaluating this tool once again, I recall why. It is sensibly developed, equipped and easy to use.

Its information bearings — single area and edge-installed thrust — shift with knurled knobs and tighten up down easily with Allen screws. The reduced information bearings, concealing in kitchen table shadows on some devices, are really easy to see and get to on this page. I really like that this thrust- bearing knob is forward experiencing on this saw. No requirement to idea the table to regulate these guides.

Blade installment is simple, thanks to a front side-slotted table and easy-to-open blade guard. A remaining-correct moving quick- release handle in back gives blade anxiety, and observing home windows inside the top rated scenario allow you to see what you’re undertaking.

RIKON provides a body fat early spring for upper flywheel tensioning — an effective provision for withstanding vast, inflexible resaw blades. The 10-325 also provides a strong rip fence having a fairly quick fencing beam and resaw club. So, in the high resawing test, I opted for a far higher retail outlet-produced resawing information instead.

Blade quick-relieve levers (kept) are excellent normal capabilities on most of these saws. RIKON gives a big flywheel spring season (above) to assist the saw endure better forces needed for tensioning wide blades.

Blade swift-discharge levers (left) are excellent common characteristics on many of these saws. RIKON provides a big flywheel spring (above) to assist the saw stand up to better forces necessary for tensioning wide rotor blades.

Other services add a tailored lever for tilting the dinner table, a large storage inner compartment and shelf underneath the saw as well as a adaptable job light-weight to brighten up the dinner table.

In testing, the saw’s 11⁄2 hp RIKON-created electric motor muscled through tough maple, and most of the dust particles was whisked away by way of a decrease 4″ dirt harbor. For only bashful of $one thousand, RIKON continues to supply a sound worth for the investment right here.

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