This is a list of 10 most unbelievably hilarious movies about Body Switching (or Body Swapping). I do not know how many of you have seen body switching movies. It’s one of the oldest genre, to be exact it all started with movie “Turnabout (1940) – A Sex-Switch Comedy” and it’s mere humor fantasy and brilliance of human imagination. These movies are often comedic/sometimes brainless and slapstick in tone . How is it possible?. Filmically, Everything is possible. So, Just Watch It and Enjoy It….

1. Being John Malkovich (1999)

“Being John Malkovich” story, about a puppeteer named Craig (John Cusack), who founds by chance in his office a portal to John Malkovich’s head, has a wonderful surrealism. The screenplay is a explosion of originality, mixing delightful absurd elements with very, very funny comedy and some drama.

Catherine Keener is awesome, John Cusack and Cameron Diaz perfectly fill up screen space and John Malkovich is outstanding, playing many different versions of himself. But, it’s mostly the script that gets the biggest ticks in this film.

This is not a comedy, just outrageously hilarious. It’s kind of a love story, but again, not like any you’ve ever seen or conceived of. It’s refreshingly ultra-strange.

2. Big (1988)

Tom Hanks is ‘Josh Baskin’, a frustrated thirteen year old who has his wish to be big granted, and then finds himself dealing with life as an adult. Hanks’ performance is magical as he portrays the frightened young boy trapped in a world of grown ups.

Penny Marshall’s film is perfectly balanced, and the comedy is wonderfully hilarious, a long way better than “Awakenings”. Worth your while if only to watch the infectious performance from Hanks, this movie is really neat!

Steven Spielberg was set to direct “Big” but eventually backed down. He’d make a very similar, though wholly intolerable, film with “Hook” some years later.

3. All of Me (1984)

Steve Martin is a frustrated lawyer who is at the end of his tether when the unthinkable happens, he is forced to share his body with the soul of a late, rich and obnoxious client (Lily Tomlin). Martin’s manic performance is hilarious, and along with a good supporting cast, they all put on a very likable show.

Steve Martin gives the most physical performance of his career as he has to adequately portray a man whose body is split into two people, and the great thing is, that at no point does the illusion wear off. Steve performs both roles superbly well. Lily Tomlin is wonderful & compliments Martin very well. This is a perfect reminded of how good some films from the 80’s are and it still remains a standout and funny film.

4. The Change-Up (2011)

Everybody just adores the body-switching comedy! Only this time, it’s family man Jason Bateman and bachelor Ryan Reynolds doing the classic “switch-a-roo”! Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds play Dave and Mitch, a bunch of best buddies that both dream about having each others lives.

Justin Bateman & Ryan Reynolds were hilarious & you could tell they had fun making the movie. The language & nudity fit the R rating,but this added to the movie. The Change is a true adult comedy and it should not be missed by either couples or bachelors with a good sense of humor.

5. Freaky Friday (2003)

“Freaky Friday” plot  is quite insane, A mother and daughter who are complete opposites go out for a Chinese dinner and the waitress puts a curse on them. The next morning, they have switched bodies. The mother is now the daughter in the daughters body and vice verse.

The soundtrack’s pretty cool and showcasing a then almost unknown Lindsay Lohan who delivered a great performance. Add that with Jamie Lee Curtis’ charm that only she can deliver, and you got a winner. Undoubtedly worth watching if this type of movie appeals to you, but equally a nice surprise for those who it wouldn’t normally.

6. 17 Again (2009)

“17 Again” plot finds Matthew Perry a lonely man whose life is falling apart. His wife wants a divorce and he has a terrible relationship with his kids. However, when a bizarre other-worldly janitor puts some sort of magical spell or curse on him, he suddenly become 17 once again. In this new role, he decides to go back to high school and help his kids. It seems that his son is a lonely wimp and his daughter is a bit of a tramp–dating the scum-bag that regularly beats up her brother.

Zac Efron who played the teenage Mike O’Donnell was very good in the role.Matthew Perry was good as the Adult Mike O’Donnell,but his role was fairly limited. A very good comedy movie if you are looking for.

7. It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006)

“It’s a Boy Girl Thing” story is about a boy and girl – who are also neighbors and study in the same school, same class and hates each other. Things start changing when the boy and girl switch bodies. They still continue dis-liking each other, but adjust to the fact of living like that; till they find a certain likeness and compatibility that ends up in love.

Armstrong and Zegers have a cute chemistry and their individual performances were delightful. I have to say as far as teen Comedy type movies this is almost ranks as high as the extremely underrated “The Girl Next Door” that has me rolling around the floor every time i watch it.

8. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

“13 Going On 30” movie is about a 13 year old girl who has no friends only a guy who fancies her and she hates her life so much. For her birthday her best friend gives her a doll house and magic wishing dust so when she goes into the closet after her party turns out to be a total nightmare she wishes to be 30 flirty and thriving.

Jennifer Gardner brings an innocence to this movie that is delightful. It was so much fun to watch. It’s actually a charming film that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. It was very cute and had some very funny moments.Recommend to anyone who loves to watch something that makes you smile. It’s a very feel good movie.

9. The Hot Chick (2002)

In this body swapper a small time crook swaps places (and problems) with a cheerleader. It is essentially a vehicle for Rob Schneider to play a very masculine looking cheerleader, and he pulls it off with just the right amount of overacting. He’s not going to win an Oscar for it, but then he can always play a hooker or battered wife for his next role.

Rob Schneider acting like a woman well he’s superb. Besides it’s top two actors there’s quite few others as well,one being Rachel McAdams who is also excellent in The Wedding Crashers and The Family Stone. I laughed all throughout this movie. I can’t say that for many others. I recommend everyone see it.

10. Vice Versa (1987)

Businessman Judge Reinhold and his young son Fred Savage end up transforming into each other in this silly little comedy that is short on laughs. Another sub-genre here that became vastly popular in the late-1980s with several below average productions that are stupid more than anything else.

As a harmless, mildly diverting, rainy afternoon movie this does just about enough to keep you pleased. As a body swap movie to rival some of the others mentioned, it just doesn’t make the grade.

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